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Juvenile Justice Task Force

The Juvenile Justice Task Force works to address inequality within the Family Court System. These issues include inadequate access to lawyers, allowing probation officers to be advocates for the children while serving as an arm of the prosecution, and the subjugation of black youth to formal cases and harsher outcomes. The Task Force seeks to […]

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Education Task Force

The Education Task Force continues to work to Break the Pipeline. We have commitments from most Metropolitan St. Louis and St. Charles school district superintendents to reduce out of school suspensions for K-3rd graders, and to explore/implement new discipline practices. The ultimate goal is to end out of school suspensions for K-3rd graders. Our goal […]

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Policing Task Force

We understand that every department has its policies, procedures, and practices. Some of them work well and others do not. We are working toward insuring that all police departments are well trained, with community-positive policies and practices that not only foster safety and trust with the civilian population but also protect the men and women […]

Rev. Karen Anderson

After The Stockley Verdict

From Rev. Karen Anderson, president of Metropolitan Congregations United: This September the eyes of the nation once again focused on St. Louis.  Not because in the years after Ferguson we’d made significant progress such as successfully raising the minimum wage in the city, not because the health disparity of the great Delmar divide was lessening, […]

MCU Staff
Who We Are

Our Staff

Executive Director Rev. David Gerth Rev. David Gerth has been the executive director of MCU since 2011. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Before coming to MCU, he pastored churches in Indiana and Illinois. He is a member of St. John’s Church–the Beloved Community. Email: David@mcustl.com   . . . […]

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Members and Recent Partners

Member congregations and organizations support the work of MCU by paying quarterly dues.  Organizational members pay dues, commit two delegates to the Membership Assembly, and build their own plan for participation which may include traditional models of leadership development and in-reach or begin with an existing campaign. Members significantly support at least one major fundraising […]

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Our History

MCU can trace its beginnings to 1991. By 1997, four geographic clusters, CUCA (Churches United for Community Action) in North County, C4 (Churches Committed to Community Concerns) in South City, CACI (Congregations Allied for Community Improvement) in North City, and MCU-ISAIAH in South County,  joined together to create the regional organization MCU. Eventually CACI and […]

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About MCU

Metropolitan Congregations United is a community organization that brings together religious congregations, community groups, and individuals to work for a common purpose: to create a better life for all residents.  The Ferguson experience continues to crystallize for us the center of our work: the intersection of race, economy, political power, gender and the structures of […]